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Childrens Á la Carte

Green salad

Tomatoes, cucumber and lingonberry and honey vinaigrette




Creamy salmon soup

with warm rye bread


3,00 /
6,50 €

Purée of turnip soup
Home made bread

3,00 €



Fried Salmon

With mashed potatoes


7,00 €


with mashed potatoes


6,50 €

Minute steak

with seasoned butter and french fries 

7,50 €



Sautéed joint of reindeer

Traditional sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes, crushed lingonberries and

picled cucumber

6,50 €



Fantasia pizza with two toppings of your choice


Warm smoked reindeer, ham, sauteed reindeer, chicken, cold smoked salmon, goat cheese, bluecheese, Lappish cheese, tomato, onion, rucola, pineapple, peach, jalopeno, pickled cucumber, capris, crème fraice, tar-lingonberry sauce, chilimayonnies, garlic

7,00 €



Vanilla Ice Cream with sauce2,00 €


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