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Goat cheese pizza
Goat cheese, fresh tomato and rucola

12,50 €

Cold smoked pizza

Cold smoked salmon, capris, Creme Fraiche, rucola

13,00 € 

Sauted reindeer pizza
Sauteed reindeer, lappish cheese,  pickled cucumber, tar-lingonberry sauce


14,80 €


Warm smoked reindeer pizza
Warm smoked reindeer, peach, blue cheese




Kerttuli´s Classic
Warm smoked reindeer, onion, blue cheese, jalapeno, garlic




Ham pizza

Ham, pineapple, blue cheese


12,50 €


Pizza of your choice with 4 fillings

Choose 4 fillings


15,00 €


Warm smoked reindeer, ham, sauteed reindeer, cold smoked salmon, goat cheese, blue cheese, Lappish cheese, tomato, onion, rucola, pineapple, peach, jalopeno, pickled
capris, crème fraice, tar-lingonberry sauce, garlic





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